Presentation to TNC for the production and post- production of your April 24th & May 30th events

April 24th: Video production of initial stories

Please see below, basic elements that could be included in a short overview video that captures the essence of three stories from one of the six regions.

The video would be presented at the May 30th event in support of the workshop and will also act as a record of TNC's initiative.

By recording at an early stage, this would assist in mapping the storyteller's progress as well as giving an insight into  TNC's process to  a wider audience.

As this would be at the beginning of the story development, there's a range of options to visually bring the stories to life.

  • A brief overview of the process and intent

    • Narration, basic coverage of the event

    • Brief interview with a key person

  • The video story - a narrative supported by:

    • Archival video & photographs

    • One day location shoot to cover key elements

    • Music (royalty free)

    • Graphics & basic animation

Ambient video tests I recorded 2 weeks ago

Oral tradition and storytelling can be supported with video storytelling to reach wider audiences. However, the challenge is the (usually) short audience attention span. Addressing this requires distilling the narrative further and sourcing literal and subjective imagery in support of the story and connecting with the viewer on an emotional level...

  • Recording of workshop activity

    • Interview with each of the three participants
    • Interview the key person

  • Post-event:

    • Consolidate the three participants' narratives into a video treatment

    • Record a narration, preferably using one of the participants

    • Edit narration with relevant supporting visual content

    • Present for comments

    • Complete and available for TNC's May 30 event

Three videos relating to conservation
May 30th

Text & music only: For ambient messaging

Produced for Toyota, a sponsor of BirdLife international

In post produced for Future Fest. Client had no original content available

May 30th: Video production of workshop & story tellers presentations

Significant effort and cost goes into workshops and conferences, and although their value extends far beyond the event, the quality associated with recording and publishing is usually of a low standard - significantly reducing ‘viewability’ and value.

With planning and care, it is possible to cover these events in a way that retains the quality and integrity of the presentations.

Elements and process:
  • A brief overview video consisting of:

  • General activity

  • Interviews with key people / organizers / guest speakers?

  • Recording of each storyteller presentation on stage

  • These will all be stand-alone videos that can be searched and viewed individually (see example of layout below)

An example of how I record presentations to maximize quality (BIrdLife Cruise 2017)

Below is the layout and content of a previous event that I covered in the same way as my recommended format for TNC's workshop.

The event (an innovation conference)
The overview / intro video
Sponsor interviews
Nominee interviews
April 24th: Cost estimate
May 30th: Cost estimate
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