One of the best ways to share stories and information is through the creation of immersive visual experiences that prompt a visceral, emotional response. Sad, happy, exhilarated, angry, inspired or reflective, emotions are as indelible and evocative as the memory of a scent from our childhood.  Being clear about what you mean is important. Being clear about how you feel is invaluable.

I have developed immersive systems and content from the ground up - from converting an empty reception area into an intimate 'surround' theatre, creating a 7th century laboratory with video, lighting and special effects, and creating an 'innovation space' for South Africa's energy and chemicals corporation Sasol, using projection mapping and holograms.

Currently in development, the Qube is a portable immersive installation that enables compelling entertainment,  education and marketing. Ideal for shopping centres, exhibitions and museums, the system can be adapted to resemble an elevator, a virtual nature hide - or a space capsule! It can include synchronised screens, lighting, smells, vibrations, mist and wind for multi-sensory visceral experiences. 

The Sasol Experience Room

The Sasol  Experience Room was a combination of synchronised screens, projection mapping, lighting and holograms, which worked together to talk about the importance of meaningful innovation and the role it serves in a fast-developing South African society. I wrote, shot, directed and designed this system.

RTA History of Transport


The Road Transport Authority (RTA) immersive theatre is a VIP immersive theatre, consisting of multiple projection mapping systems, lighting and effects, synchronized into a 12-minute production that shows how the vision and implementation of an integrated transport system helped build Dubai into a world-class city. I designed, wrote, directed, and shot visuals for the theatre.

The Origins of Chemistry

Object Theatre

For the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Jeddah, I designed an immersive small theatre intended to resemble a 10th century laboratory. Projection mapping, synchronised screens, lighting and special effects were used to present a virtual story teller and three of the region's great chemists: Jabr ibn Hayan, Al Kindi and Al Razi. The theatre was designed to resemble aspects of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

The Qube

The BirdLife South Africa

Virtual 'Blind'

The 360˚ virtual video and the virtual hide will take visitors into a thrilling world that shares important information in an entertaining and effective way.

One of the best ways to share stories and information that can be retained, is through the creation of immersive visual experiences. 

Watch the example video below. (This video is for demonstration purposes only. New footage will be filmed especially for this event.)

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