An intimate drama about global catastrophy, a handful of survivors and the choices they make. The old world order was impotent and had been pushed aside to make way for a more practical world based upon survival and cooperation. Was this an opportunity to build a new and equitable world,  or would the old archetypes return to dominate?

Refugium: Writer, Director actor

Lookig for Einsteins of tomorrow... Sharing stories and ideas that inspire the youth, with an emphasis on STEM. Our guests ranged from space shuttle mission specialist to developers of of innovative building materials from waste product. 

The future belongs to the curios

Sci Tech: Writer, director, presenter

Invent Africa: Writer, director, presenter

Life changing ideas from the African continent, with a focus on meaningful innovation - both technological and social - and sustainable development.

Chem City: Writer, Director presenter

Chem City is the incubator side of SASOL Oil, South Africa's biggest fuel creator. Chem City assists with sustainable economic development through assisting startups to develop innovative ways of exploiting down-stream by-products, from polymers to phosphates to wax.

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On: Director, editor, presenter

In the style of a studio video blog, this is a light-hearted,  philosophical look at the science of thrills.  It takes a closer look at what motivates us to do (and record & share) the crazy things we do in the name of passion and adventure.

Step-Up Innovation: Director, presenter

An annual innovation competition designed to promote economic development in the small and medium enterprise sector. The project is supported by companies such as Microsoft and a special grant from the EU.

The sequences below are examples of some of the content that I have directed, written and presented in. The other pages on this site giver a wider insight into the type of work that I have directed, written and edited over the years 

Examples of work for 'On Camera technology reporter application, Seattle.

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