I've taken my years of experience in television magazine series to develop my own online series. Here are a few examples...

Bird Matters

The channel content is designed to appeal to a wider than usual cross-section of the public, from the traditional conservation scientists, birders and academics to those interested in technology-based citizen science projects, digital photography, youthful urbanites across Africa and the Middle East, and anyone feeling a disconnect with the natural world. We feature top-class photographers, citizen science projects, conservation breakthroughs, fun stuff from the internet, all dealing with the world of birds and the environment we share. .


An intimate drama about global catastrophy, a handful of survivors and the choices they make. The old world order was impotent and had been pushed aside to make way for a more practical world based upon survival and cooperation. Was this an opportunity to build a new and equitable world,  or would the old archetypes return to dominate?

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On

In the style of a studio video blog, this is a light-hearted,  philosophical look at the science of thrills.  It takes a closer look at what motivates us to do (and record & share) the crazy things we do in the name of passion and adventure.

Invent Africa

Entrepreneurs and innovators offer significant opportunities for employment growth.  In support of this, we offer  round up of life-changing ideas from the African continent. Meaningful innovation that can improve quality of life while respecting and supporting the environment. We also sponsor innvation events with online resources.

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