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360˚ Virtual video proposal

One of the best forms of entertainment and marketing presents content on an innovative system that draws the viewer in through an immersive portal to the imagination, presenting information in captivating ways. 

With advances in technology, audiences and customers of hotels, theme parks, museums, science centers and expos  all have similar and very high expectations of content and marketing.

Transmedia Vision has the experience and technical insight to provide Legacy with media and playback systems that will inspire, thrill, inform and market. This is achieved through a range of 360˚ virtual media and platforms that allow for viewing on hotel based systems, kiosks, online and mobile platforms. 

Bringing your story to life

Online marketing of hotels is about facilities, sevices and location, but it's also about people and atmosphere. 360˚ virtual video content allows you literally to bring your facilities to life, allowing you to share moments that define the warmth, position and friendliness of your hotels.

What we offer

Every project has a unique story to tell. We work closely with clients to develop the narrative and best methods and platforms to share the story.

Why is 360˚ video revolutionary?

From paintings on cave walls to the Mona Lisa, to murals on buildings, to a photograph - we traditionally tell stories within a fixed frame, or a boundary.

360˚ virtual video breaks this barrier and allows the viewer to be ‘virtually’ there. This is both a revolution and a challenge…

Every shot or ‘setup’ is a self-contained scene, which needs to be directed to lead the viewer’s attention.

The Commodore story

Unlike static 360˚ photographic scenes, 360˚ virtual video as a marketing tool literally brings a venue to life -- allowing you to share warmth, character and atmosphere. To illustrate this, we have created a possible scenario for the Commodore Hotel…

We will work closely with Legacy to workshop content and messaging - but for the purpose of this proposal, here's an indicative breakdown of possible scenes that would inform, attract and entertain visitors to Legacy's website and social media pages.

Exhilarate and inform

Exhilarating combination of local iconic experiences

Establish hotel / name / car arrives / doors open & enter

Very warm welcome, check-in

Couple walk in and hug - now we can relax!

Couple look out suite window to courtyard below

Waiter walks past the camera to a table - 'follow me…'

Couple from the room relaxing / Beach ball thrown at camera / girl dives in

Suddenly we're at the beach / then winelands / Table Mountain sunset

A new day:  morning breakfast / activity

Workout - throw towel over camera as a transition

Epic wide shot - Chapman's Peak


Destination Cape Town

Exterior hotel entrance

Reception area

Standard room

Destination Cape Town

Pool area



Hotel restaurant

Hotel spa & gym

Destination Cape Town

We develop 360˚ virtual video content that literally places viewers at the centre of the action, creating the ultimate vicarious experience. All content that we record is post-produced and made available as:

  • 360˚ virtual video content

  • Standard video content

  • Photographic stills content from 4K video

Viewing platforms

All virtual video content can be viewed on the following platforms:

  • Mobile phone using motion

  • Laptop / desktop, navigating with mouse or trackpad

  • V.R. headsets

  • Qube immersive exhibit

  • Large screen kiosk displays with hand gesture navigation

Above is a very basic example of how we can combine exhilarating and relevant content with hotel marketing to create an entertaining and informative package.

360 Video example for laptop

Here is an example of how effective 360˚ virtual video can be on a laptop and mobile device. The same video also works with virtual goggles. We did not produce either of these videos below.

use your mouse to navigate the video and zoom

Some of our previous work

Click on the image below to view some of our previous immersive projects.

Story outline example:


A resource that thrills, entertains, and informs...

360˚Virtual kiosk
360˚Mobile explorer
360˚Laptop & track
360˚Virtual headset
270˚ The Qube experience

Imagine an exciting tool that markets your hotels by providing content that's inspiring, compelling, and yet also reassuring...

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