I've directed literally hundreds of TV talk shows. Here are a few people I've interviewed out of personal interest. I was attracted to their work and the way they see the world.

Dr Saamdu Chetri

Gross National Happiness is a measurement of a nation's societal wellbeing and personal health, security and happiness.  It's becoming more widely known as an important alternative to Gross Domestic Product as an indicator of development, and provides valuable insight into a nation's social wellbeing and sustainability. The Kingdom of Bhutan has used this matrix successfully for years.  I wondered how it works, so I caught up with Dr Chetri, the statistician director of the Bhutanese Institute for Gross National Happiness, when he was visiting Cape Town...

Bishop Geoff Davies

Geoff Davies is a passionate environmentalist, humanist, visionary, retired Anglican bishop, and founder/ patron of the Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI).  To Bishop Geoff, climate change, the economy, and social and environmental justice are all profoundly moral issues.

Centre for Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogue
Croc E Moses
Michael Wener
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