The Qube gmmb presentation

The ‘Qube’ is a portable and immersive installation that combines entertainment with marketing and/or educational information.

The Qube is an enclosed space that allows for up to 12 people to be immersed in a lavish sensory presentation through a combination of screens, lighting, projection and sensory effects, which immerse visitors into exotic locations and spectacular events that they would never experience in real life.

Key elements

Why use the Qube?

Preaching to the converted is easy, but doesn’t bring about change. Reaching out to new audiences through conventional video is challenging, as there is so much competition for attention.

Audiences, especially youth, are hard to impress, in part due to the range and volume of high quality content available – online gaming, movies, advertising - and to short attention spans…

The Qube installation immerses the viewer, converging experience with information. This allows for a deeper level of absorption and retention. (Reference: Serious games and virtual worlds in education, professional development and health care, a 2013 book by Klaus Brendl and Wolfgang Boeschl)

  • Structure

  • Management

  • System hardware

  • Content format



system hardware

System hardware

Content / format

The completed video content is spread across a minimum of 3 screens and an optional projection system too. The screens can combine to create a 270˚ panorama or be treated as complementary images or sequences.

The video content is developed across a single 5760 by 1080 canvas and later broken up into smaller canvasses and loaded onto media players (one per screen).

Story content

The main benefit to using the Qube to share information is that there is immediate interest in the content due to the unique method of delivery.


To maintain the interest and have the viewers walk away with a memorable experience, the balance between the content elements is important.

  1. Visual stimulation

  2. Science

  3. Experience

1.  Visual stimulation

Similar to marijuana, the limbic region of our brain responds positively to pleasing stimulating visuals  - but in a natural way...

Vibrant sequences of motion such as low altitude drone footage – extreme landscape, sports, extreme abstract animations will draw viewers in

Content elements

2.  Factual information

Factual, statistical information in support of the messaging is given at key points in the story.

3.  Experience

Youth listen to youth:  So including content from a youth perception audit would be a key factor in the story or experience having credibility in the eyes of the viewers.

Perception audits

A perception audit consists of a set group of questions that are presented to a sample group of individuals to gain insight into specific issues. The sample group and questions are carefully developed to deliver a clearer understanding.

Video recording of perception audits provides additional insights through the interpretation of body language, eye movement and general attitude.

The message

Whether do you or you don't use marijuana, it makes sense that you understand the possible side effects and consequences.

  • Do you believe that there’s a risk in using marijuana?

  • What do you think the side effects of using marijuana are?

  • Would knowing this information stop you?

  • Do your friends use marijuana?

  • Do your family use marijuana?

  • Do you feel pressured to use marijuana?

  • What’s the closest feeling (in the natural world) to marijuana

  • Which would you prefer / why?

Sample questions

Related addiction work

Hearts of Light

A video series intended to help destigmatize being a parent of an addict through candid interviews with mothers who have lost a child to addiction and overdose. The series is currently being shown online and presented at school talks and recovery centers.

North Sound Recovery coalition

NSRC is a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals that are working together to find new and innovation ways to address addiction and support long-term recovery.

I am developing media content with the coalition in support of their initiatives.

What ever you say - I am!

Till death us do part

Living on the streets of Cape Town with addicted children, facing violence, murder, addiction and alienation.

Damian and Freda find life was is some ways easier when they were homeless. Coming to terms with HIV and trying to 'fit in' become their biggest challenges to date, Freda eventually died of AIDS.

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