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From large corporate and institutional work to a home, retail space and gallery: the work is, in part, Christian’s reflection on relocating to the Skagit Valley, an area incredibly rich in both natural beauty and history of painting and sculpture.


Painter, architect

“There is a school of Northwest art referred to as the ‘Northwest Mystics’, which centered around the Skagit Valley areas, where artists came to the valley and found a quality of light that they thought was quite unique. It’s common to western Washington, it’s a very subtle and subdued light. But there’s something about the coloration of the land, that quality of the light, the quality of the sky that captivated their imagination and lent almost a mystical quality to their work. And thus they came to be known as the Northwest Mystics. Moving here, I became fascinated with the landscape which was a surprise for me because I’ve never been a landscape painter – I’ve never painted landscapes in my life – I’ve mostly painted large abstract compositions. But being here, I’ve fallen into the spirit of what it is to be in this place, in this land and observing this light and colors. And so this body of work is really a very, very simple reflection of my walks and drives through the countryside here in the Skagit Valley and the observations that I’ve made.”  

Shifting Light

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Copyright of images of all works of art contained within the video remain the property of Christian Carlson.

ARTIFACTS, the series: copyright Transmediavision 2017

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